Porteau Cove

Visitor Alert

Illegally parked vehicles: Starting September 5, 2020, Vehicles parked illegally at Porteau Cove Provincial Park will be subject to towing at the owner’s expense. Visitors must park in designated parking lots and observe the “no parking” signs posted. Thank you for your compliance.

June 1, 2020: Lower parking lot is open. All campsites and cabins are open. Day-use area/parking lot are closed 10:00pm – 7:00am, this also applies to stargazing.

December 4, 2019: The northernmost Porteau dive park boundary marker was damaged during the last storm and is no longer in place. Divers and boaters are urged to use caution around the dive area boundary.

September 5, 2018: Please note drones are unable to be flown within any B.C. Provincial Park without a Park Use Permit authorized by B.C. Parks. For more information please visit http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/faq/

Summer Advisories

Please be aware that Porteau Cove Provincial Park is 100% reservable from March 1 – November 11 and December 21 – January 5.

Winter Advisories

Prepare for winter driving conditions. It is the law for vehicles travelling through this area of the Sea to Sky Hwy 99 to be equipped with snow tires and chains:

Sani-Station Winter Service:

“The sani station will remain open unless freezing temperatures are forecasted in which case it will close prior to freezing temperatures. During periods of freezing weather, the sani station will remain closed until the freezing temperatures subside and the temperatures remain above freezing over a 24 hour period.”

Winter reservations available:

Reservations are now available during the winter season in sites 10-22.

Sites 1-9, and 23-30 will remain first come, first serve except during the winter holidays when the park is fully reservable:

During the winter holidays, and Family Day long weekend, all the campground loops will be open, and all campsites will be reservable. First come, first serve campsites will not be available during these holidays. Reservations are strongly recommended during these busy times.

Reduced winter rates and services apply from Nov 13- Feb 28. Gatehouse opens daily for a short period of time for firewood sales and registration. Hours posted in park. On-site security remains year-round.

About Porteau Cove

Only minutes from Vancouver, Porteau Cove is the perfect waterfront camping destination. Many of the campsites are on the waterfront. The beach is a great place for exploring and enjoying the stunning views of Howe Sound. Fishing (outside of the Provincial Park boundary) and boating are very popular in the area. There are two paved boat launches with day parking for trailers in the park.

One of the park’s main attractions is the tidal and inter-tidal marine life of the park’s foreshore areas. There is a good diversity of marine species, both along the shore and underwater. A scuba diving area has been developed with sunken ships and artificial reefs that have greatly enhanced sub-tidal marine life.

Porteau Cove Provincial Park is situated on the eastern shore of Howe Sound, 38 km north of Vancouver. To get there, follow Hwy 99 north from West Vancouver. Follow the signs for Porteau Cove Provincial Park (not Porteau Road which is 2km south of the park). Turn left off of the highway into the park.

Porteau Cove Provincial Park is open year round with limited facilities and reduced fees in the winter (November 12 to February 28).

For more information on Porteau Cove please visit the BC Parks website.

Visitor Services

Porteau Cove offers the rental of portable propane campfires.  These campfires can be used during fire bans and easily hook-up to propane barbeque tanks.  If you need to exchange your BBQ tank or buy a new one, you can do it at the gatehouse in the park.

Returning services include general camping supplies sold at the gatehouse including ice, firewood, ice cream and snacks. 

Accommodation: Rent the Olympic Legacy Cabins located at the waterfront of Porteau Cove. For more information on the cabins see Cabins & RV Rentals.

Parking: Day-use area and daytime parking are open to the public until 10:00pm. Overnight parking is only open to guests who are taking multi-day boat trips and campground guests whose cars do not fit on their sites. This overnight parking requires a permit ($12 at the Gatehouse). All other vehicles and guests may not use the day-use area between the hours of 10:00pm and 7:00am.

Dock Facilities: Proceed with caution when mooring at the floating dock at low tide, shallow waters may exist.

Mooring Buoys: Caution: There are 2 low tide markers near the floating dock which are not mooring buoys and mark very shallow water. Anchoring is prohibited within the park boundary.

Boat Launch: It may be difficult to launch during the winter months due to the high volumes of driftwood that accumulate on the boat launches, which periodically make launching impossible. BC Parks will post updates as they become available.

Septic System: Porteau Cove is on a septic system, including the sani-station and washroom buildings. Antibacterial soaps and harsh chemicals destroy the health and functionality of the system. Please help protect the septic system and the water quality by using only biodegradable soaps during your stay.

Marine Conservation: Exploring the beach and diving/snorkelling can be a rewarding experience at Porteau Cove. Please practise leave no trace ethics when observing marine life at the park by leaving everything as you find it and by not removing or handling the wildlife. Please see gatehouse at the campground for upcoming interpretive demonstrations and events!



Drive-In – per party, per night $43.00
Drive-In (Winter) – per party, per night $26.00
Drive-In (Senior) – per couple, per night $25.50
Drive-In (Senior Winter) – per couple per night $25.50
Walk-In – per party, per night $20.00
Walk-In (Senior) – per couple, per night $10.00


Docking per metre $2.00
Mooring $12.00
Second Vehicle (Drive-In) – per night $12.00
Second Vehicle (Drive-In – Senior) – per night $8.75
Second Vehicle (Drive-In – Winter) – per night $8.75


Sani-Station $5.00/Dump
Firewood 1 for $12 or 3 for $32
Ice $6/Bag
Propane campfire rentals $15/Night + Deposit
Propane Exchange $32.99/Tank
Propane Buy-In $69.99/Tank
Combo: Propane Campfire and Propane Exchange $40.00


Vehicle Accessible Site 44
Walk In Sites 16


Vehicle Accessible Site 44
Walk In Sites 16


Full Service March 1  – November 11
*Partial Service November 12 – March 1

Please note, due to their small size the walk in sites have a maximum occupancy of 4 people and 1 tent.




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