All reservations must be made through Discover Camping either online or over the phone at 1-800-689-9025.

      • Alice Lake – Campsites are available by reservation only; Park closed October 31st, 2020.

      • Birkenhead Lake – FRONT-COUNTRY CAMPSITES ARE CLOSED AS OF OCTOBER 1st. The high-density campground will be vehicle accessible for winter camping only until the first snow fall, as the entrance gate is locked once it starts to snow.

      • Brandywine Falls – Parking lot and trails are open

      • Bridal Veil Falls – Day-use area is open

      • Chilliwack LakeRadium loop is available on a FCFS basis; Paleface loop is only available by reservation. Flora, Lindeman and Greendrop loops are closed. Campsites fully closed October 12th; trailers are not available for reservation due to COVID-19

      • Coquihalla Canyon – Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park, including the Othello Tunnels, is currently CLOSED.

      • Cultus Lake – NO FCFS! Maple Bay Campground, Maple Bay Cabins and Delta Grove Campground are available by reservation only until October 12th.

      • Mount Seymour – Provincial park is open.

      • Murrin – Day-use area is open, parking lot is open.

      • Nairn Falls – PARK IS CLOSED AS OF OCTOBER 1ST.

      • Porteau Cove – Campsites and cabins are open and require a reservation.

      • SasquatchHicks Lake is open for both FCFS and reservation until October 12th; Lakeside is open for reservation until October 12th, then FCFS until March 26th (or until there is too much snow).

      • Shannon Falls – Parking lot is open; tour buses are prohibited due to COVID-19 response.

      • Silver Lake – Campsites are open on a first come, first served basis until October 12th.

      • Skagit Valley – Ross Lake Campground is open on a first come, first served basis until October 12th.

      • Stawamus Chief – Stawamus Chief Park campsites will remain open until the first snowfall.