Coquihalla Canyon Park / Othello Tunnels


May 16, 2024: Updates on the Coquihalla Restoration Project
Coquihalla Canyon Issue 1 and Coq. Canyon Infographic

April 8 2024: Coquihalla Canyon Park Closure
The park is scheduled to partially reopen in the summer of 2024. For opening information please visit 

About Coquihalla Canyon Park

Coquihalla Canyon Park is located 12 kilometers from Hope.

The park features the Othello Tunnels, five tunnels built as part of the Kettle Valley Railway in 1914. The railway, connecting the Kootenay Region with the BC coast, was built over three mountain ranges. In the Coquihalla Gorge, the river cut a 300-foot-deep channel of solid granite. A straight line of tunnels were built through it which are now known as the Othello Tunnels.

Coquihalla Canyon Park is a great stop for a picnic or a short hike. There are picnic tables near the parking lot and along the trail, beside the river. There are spectacular viewing opportunities available on the trail, through the tunnels, and on the bridges.  The contrast between tunnels and bridges with the roaring Coquihalla River below is a must-see! The hiking trail links to the historic Hope-Nicola Cattle Trail.

For more information about the history and culture of Coquihalla Canyon Park please visit the BC Parks website.

Flashlights are strongly recommended for anyone walking or cycling through the Tunnels. Some are long and dark, and the gravel surface underfoot may be uneven due to erosion caused by dripping water


Coquihalla Canyon Park


Closed for 2023 April 1 – Oct 31





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